About Me

My name is Richard Sharpe.  I am a qualified and experienced teacher, based near Leamington Spa in Warwickshire (UK), with over 30 years experience in education.

In the world that COVID-19 has plunged us into, I have been working on ways of delivering high quality mathematics education, remotely using video apps like Microsoft Teams & Zoom. If you require tuition, please fill in the form on the contact page.

I graduated in 1982 with a B.Ed (hons) specialising in Mathematics and have taught Mathematics, Drama and Information Technology in a variety of schools over the years both in the state and private sectors.

I was also on one of the writing teams for the new SMP (Schools Mathematics Project)  Interact secondary Mathematics scheme for some years.   I was also involved with trialing the scheme with my classes from its earliest days.

I have a great deal of experience in helping students on a one-to-one and small group basis and pride myself on my professionalism and dedication to those I work with.

My teaching is informed by the belief that anyone can learn and that much apparent inability to do so is caused by the learner's lack of belief that they can learn.  Once this 'belief' barrier is removed, the ability to learn is enhanced, enjoyment of learning is increased and understanding of the subject matter can follow quickly.

Please contact me using the form on my contact page.